Community Voices: Janae Matthews

Janae Matthews
At Best Friends, we use our networks to introduce you to advocates like Janae Matthews who give back to pets and people in their community.
By Best Friends staff

Meet Janae Matthews! Janae is the first Black wildlife rehabber in middle Georgia.

She is a Veterinarian Technician and Water Therapist and is an active board member of two organizations - Central Georgia Cares and The Kitty and Pittie.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

My passion has opened many doors for me. I hold many titles when it comes to animals. The most rewarding thing about my jobs is being in a position to make a difference and inspiring those near and far while being able to do what I love. Building trust is also very high on the list.

In your opinion, how does community wisdom play a role in your advocacy and work in animal welfare?

It’s pivotal because you are able to provide what the community needs. When I hear the word community, I think of teamwork. When you provide for the community, it builds trust, support and a bond like no other. I am a part of a group called People and Pets Project which provides care for both animals and their caretakers. The goal is to keep people and their pets healthy so they can stay together. I have also had the pleasure of working and doing low cost spay and neuters in different areas in middle Georgia, and that alone is so beneficial; not only for the animal, but for animal shelters. When you look out for the community, the community in turn looks out for you in ways you could never imagine. I think community wisdom helps find solutions to collective challenges one may face.

What would you like to see for the future of animal welfare and human well-being?

I would like to see more resources for both the pet caretaker, and the pets. I think it would be absolutely amazing to provide mentorship for those who would like to have a career in animal welfare. I would also like to see more no-kill shelters. It would be a blessing to network with others in animal welfare outside of your own local area, and to be able to connect and expand for the betterment of people and animals.

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