Community Voices: Jasmine Crisp

Jasmine Crisp and Papi
At Best Friends, we use our networks to introduce you to advocates like Jasmine Crisp, who give back to pets and people in their community.
By Best Friends staff

Meet Jasmine Crisp the Founder/ President of the Love for Animals Outreach in Atlanta, Georgia, a working 501(c)3 nonprofit serving people and paws.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding part of the work we do is hearing the stories from the people in my urban community about how their pets changed their life, or the story behind the connection; hearing how their pet helped with anxiety or depression. In many Black communities, we deal with a lot of trauma, so it's rewarding to hear how pets helped with growth and healing.

In your opinion, how does community wisdom play a role in your advocacy and work in animal welfare?

I grew up in many underserved communities across the United States and as a result, I learned about different cultures and ways to connect, and even how to handle myself in certain environments. Community wisdom plays a major role in the understanding of people and therefore, leads to inclusion. At Love For Animals, we are relatable and authentic. People open up to us and feel more hopeful and inspired knowing that we are in their own backyard and therefore understand the challenges and dilemmas they face. Because we are neighbors, they are more trusting and willing to accept our support and take suggestions as well. It's a great bridge from people to animals.

What would you like to see for the future of animal welfare and human well-being?

I would like to see more compassion for both human and animal well-being, where animal welfare cares about equality; this is my hope that bridges more of my Black and brown community embracing animals.

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