Dachshund recuperation: See photos of wiener dog’s recovery

See photos of a wiener dog's treatment and recovery from back and throat injuries. This little dachshund dog has now been adopted.
By Molly Wald

Dixon the dachshund came to Best Friends in bad shape. He had a large open wound on his back and a throat injury, which made it impossible for him to eat normally. He was very weak and could barely stand. See images chronicling his recovery.

Dixon the dachshund at the Best Friends Animal Clinic
The Best Friends Animal Clinic removed the blockage in his throat and concentrated on wound management. But it was necessary for him to go to a specialist for surgery on his terribly damaged esophagus. So he went to the Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center, three hours away, to have surgery with Dr. Nicole Smee. (A huge thank you to these guys from our clinic staff)


Dixon the wiener dog had to be syringe fed every few hours
After Dixon came home from the specialist, he had a long road ahead of him to heal, but in the loving hands of Best Friends employees, it was all progress from there. A feeding tube was placed so that his throat had time to heal properly. It also meant he needed to be fed with a syringe every couple of hours.


Dixon the dachshund with Dr. Patti
Best Friends veterinarian Dr. Patti Patterson was one of the employees who took him home at night to ensure he got the extra calories he needed.


Dr. Patii gives Dixon the dachshund some love
And a little extra affection as well


Dixon the dachshund with Haylee and her dogs
Haylee Heisel, an employee at Dogtown, also took him home frequently, so he could spend time playing and hanging out with her dogs.


Dixon the wiener dog in a cone
Things are looking up for Dixon!


Dixon the dachshund helped at the front desk at the clinic
During the day, Dixon still lived at the Best Friends Animal Clinic. He helped behind the front desk and made lots of new friends.


Dixon the dachshund was a trouper throughout all his medical procedures
Dixon still had his bandage changed every day and his feeding tube checked. Medical stuff can be scary, but Dixon was a real trouper.


Dixon the wiener dog looking cool during his laser treatment
He also got laser therapy on this back, which helped the wound heal faster and made him look ultra cool in the process.

After almost three months of nonstop medical care, Dixon was strong enough to have his feeding tube removed and his medications abated. He was finally ready for adoption.

Dixon the dachshund makes a love connection with some volunteers
Terri Corrado and Mary Stengel, lifelong Dachshund aficionados, live about an hour north of Best Friends and heard about Dixon from some friends who volunteer here.


Dixon the dachshund is adopted!
Well, they took him home on a sleepover, and that was pretty much it. They adopted him. He’s home.

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Photo essay by Molly Wald