Dog comes to Sanctuary after falling out of a pick-up truck

It is very dangerous for dogs to ride in the back of pick-up trucks. This is the story of one dog who fell out and broke his leg.
By David Dickson

Yogi will be happy just to be a pedestrian again, after his broken leg heals from a terrible fall out of a pick-up truck. He’s at Best Friends now, looking for a happy home.

Dangerous for dogs to ride in back of pick-ups

Dogs might look like they’re having fun catching the fresh air in their fur when they’re riding in the back of a pick-up, but we all know (and now, so does Yogi) that this is a very dangerous way for dogs to travel. Some dogs may see something interesting and leap into traffic. And others will simply be bounced out of the truck by a sharp turn or a bump.

Healing from a broken leg

That’s what happened to poor Yogi. He was riding locally in the back of a pick-up when he was bounced out and broke his leg. His folks couldn’t afford to have the leg set, so they asked Best Friends to take him. Now, he’s been put back together and is healing nicely before looking for a new place to call home.

Yogi’s message? Please let dogs ride in the cabin! Or get one of those nice tops that fit over a pick-up bed, and have little windows. That way, he can still catch the breeze.

And, of course, Yogi is hoping someone will see his picture and say, "I’d like a cute one-year-old dog with a healing broken leg!"



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