Dogs of Honduras

Sherry Thorn rescues stray dogs in Honduras, gets them spayed or neutered, and then finds homes for them.
By Best Friends staff

Sherry was sent to Honduras with the Peace Corps 35 years ago, and loved it so much she never came back! She says Honduras is one of the best places in the world for an ornithologist like her to see wildlife. She now lives in Tegucigalpa, the nation's capital, and teaches ornithology (birds) at the local university, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. She loves the community and says, "The people will give you the shirts off their backs."

She started rescuing stray dogs about five years ago. Some of her university students have jumped in to help her, and over the years, they have rescued a total of about 60 dogs. She currently has 20 living in her house, along with three cats. Who looked after them while she came to Best Friends? Her students, of course!

Rescuing dogs in Honduras

There was a great need to start a dog rescue in Tegucigalpa, Sherry said. Guarding is one of the most popular uses for dogs, and she has seen some terrible things done to dogs in attempts to make them more menacing. She's rescued dogs with burns, cuts, and even acid injuries. Plus, nearly all of the dogs Sherry rescues are female. Why? Because people often keep the boys and turn the girls loose so they won't be stuck with puppies.

Finding homes for canines in need

A couple of local vets have been helping Sherry with her rescue operation. Dr. Orlando Ordonez and Dr. Ramon Villeda have been performing low-cost and free spay/neuters for Sherry. When the animals have been spayed and tended and are ready for good homes, Sherry seeks recommendations from colleagues and students at the university to find loving families for them.

She first heard about Best Friends at an Animal Care Expo conference in Dallas, and we're delighted she came to take a tour, sharing her photos and her story!

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