Dogs voted most likely to make you smile

Cedar the dog with ears up, mouth open smiling and wearing a harness
Best hair, most likely to be a superhero, longest tongue: Meet some of the superspecial pups at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Katelyn Page and Sarah Thornton

At Best Friends, we are always looking for ways to celebrate our furry friends and have a little fun at the same time. If you’ve ever signed your name in a high school classmate’s yearbook, you may be familiar with school superlatives: class clown, most likely to be president, best hat etc. They’re an amusing way to acknowledge the things that make someone stand out. They’re also a perfect way to highlight some very special adoptable pets.

Katelyn Page, a caregiver at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, has been honoring the dogs she works with on social media with their very own superlatives. They made us smile, and we’re sure they’ll do the same for you. Here are Katelyn’s picks for some canine superlatives.

Best eyes

Up first is a classic: best eyes. Of course, the winners for this category are these bright-eyed beauties, Abby and Frankie.

Best hair

Up next we have best hair. The winners of this category of course have to be our resident floofs, Aspen and Genya.

Most likely to become a model

Drum roll, please. This was a tight race, but the winners of this category are Francesca and Zephyr.

Most likely to be a superhero

As you know, no superhero is complete without a disguise, and these pups have some of the best masks we’ve ever seen. Our winners are Taquito and Lannister.

Most likely to get away with anything

This one is probably my favorite: most likely to get away with anything. You can never stay mad at these two for long. Just look at those faces. The winners are Jet and Deborah.

Cutest couple

Looking at these pictures, you probably already know what category these two won. Clear winners Pula and Smokey have lived together for more than a year and a half and are madly in love. Whenever Pula leaves the building, Smokey sings a sad song until we bring her back. There’s no better pair. (I think they also could win a category for cutest ears).

Beauty and brains

These two are the winners of the beauty and brains category. Not only are they so handsome, but Arlo and Cedar are ridiculously smart as well.

New kids on the block

The next category we’re using to highlight our newbies, so without further ado, we have the new kids on the block, Scott and Freedom.

Longest tongue

I’m breaking my own rules for a round, but this fellow stands in a category of his own. Tuco is the clear winner.

Biggest flirt

Last but certainly not least, we have the biggest flirt. The two winners here are Wheelie and Edwardo (evidence posted). You can’t walk into their rooms without getting covered in kisses.

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