Donate pet supplies this holiday season

Animals at Best Friends have a few items on their want list this holiday season. Please consider donating wish list items to help pets in need.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

He’s making a list and checking it twice to see who’s been naughty or nice. Santa’s getting ready for his big delivery date — but what about the animals? They’ve all been good, of course, and deserve some holiday treats. Want to help? The cats, dogs and other animals have some suggestions of items to donate, which can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Neonatal kitten drinking from a bottle
Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy.
Bottles are needed to feed kittens at our Salt Lake City nursery every two to four hours.


Jemma the dog getting a bath
Ahhh … I just love spa day.
Pet shampoo is needed for the spay/neuter clinic in Utah.


Santana the cat playing with a scratching pad
OMG, it’s just what I wanted!
The kitties at Cat World at the Sanctuary would love some scratchers.


Brady the cat exiting a litter box
Hey, can’t a fellow get some privacy around here?
Litter for foster kittens is needed at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Mission Hills.


Karma the dog on a Kuranda bed
Will you read me a bedtime story?
The dogs at Best Friends–New York would love to lounge on a Kuranda bed.


Echo the parrot eating a treat on a perch
This is one tough nut to crack.
The birds at the Parrot Garden at the Sanctuary love bird toys and treats.


Mimi the cat is tired after playing with a wand toy
Finally caught that wily mouse! Now it’s time for a nap.
Go Cat teaser wand toys (with the mouse attachment) are a favorite in Cat World at the Sanctuary.


Mr. Chips the dog going for a treat
Come on, just one more.
Yummy dog treats are highly prized at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center.


Raed the cat playing with a food puzzle
Some people sing for their supper. I prefer working for mine.
Cat World residents at the Sanctuary love enrichment toys like puzzles and mazes.


Ogy the dog chewing on a Kong
Nom, nom, nom.
The dogs at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center love chewing on Kongs.


Miss Missouri the dog chewing on a Kong
If only I could reach the very bottom to get that last little bit.
Dogtown residents love their Kongs filled with cheese and bacon-flavored Stuff’N.

Mitchell the dog licking his lips over a box full of Kongs
They’re mine, all mine!
The Sanctuary dogs love Kongs — lots and lots of Kongs.


Cody the African grey parrot chewing on a Kong
I think this one missed the flavor machine.
But don’t forget: Kongs aren’t just for dogs. Other animals at the Sanctuary, like parrots, love them, too.


Kitten snuggling on a fleece blanket
Ahhh … this is the life.
Fleece blankets and towels are needed for the spay/neuter center in Salt Lake City.

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Photos by Best Friends staff

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