Elementary teacher teaches students about Best Friends and animals

Martin City Elementary teacher Kim Johnston visits Best Friends and returns to tell students about the animals.
By Best Friends staff

Children in Kansas City, Missouri, are learning all about Best Friends and the animals, thanks to a kindergarten teacher, Kim Johnston, who recently visited the Sanctuary.

Martin City Elementary teachers are Best Friends members

Kim works at Martin City Elementary, where she reports that three teachers are Best Friends members. In fact, together they’ve put up a Best Friends Board at school. It’s decorated with cutouts from Best Friends magazines, photos of the Best Friends animals they sponsor, and a local newspaper article about the Sanctuary. "The kids stop and really read it," she said, "because they see pictures of animals."

Telling students about the Sanctuary

Despite five years of dedicated support, this is the first chance Kim has ever had to actually visit the Sanctuary. She came with her husband, Shane, and said the children at school are so excited – they want to hear every detail when she gets back to class! Talk about pressure. Will we get a good report card? "Yes," she said. "This is more amazing than I ever could have imagined." Phew!

A big thanks to Kim for helping raise the next generation of folks dedicated to creating a time when every animal born can be promised a happy home.

Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

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