An extra-large, extra-floofy canine birthday surprise

Val Hardin hugging Anna and Racer the dogs
When Val and Ty Hardin volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, they never anticipated going home with 200 pounds of canine companions.
By Alison Cocchiara

Anna and Racer could be in the dictionary as the definition of floofy. OK, the dictionary says floofy isn’t technically a word, but there’s just no other way to describe these two Great Pyrenees. Anna is a stunning all-white floof while Racer is larger, floofier, and has coffee-colored swaths of fur sprinkled throughout his milky white coat.

Anna and Racer arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary after they lost their home, and they delighted everyone they met.

“They were just so cute with each other and got along so well. They helped each other navigate this home-between-homes,” says Best Friends caregiver Marc Supancich.

Best Friends’ goal is for all shelters across the country to reach no-kill in 2025, and that means giving pets like Anna and Racer the time and support they need to be matched with loving new homes.

Loving large

Anna and Racer were about to make one couple’s car a whole lot heavier but everyone’s hearts much lighter. Val and Ty Hardin traveled from Arizona to celebrate Val's birthday by volunteering at the Sanctuary. And when they met Anna and Racer, they knew they wanted to bring them home.

“Happy birthday to me!" says Val. "I got two big dogs, so it was awesome. 200 pounds of birthday!”

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However, the Hardins were just here for the day and didn’t expect to go home with more than 200 pounds of furry friends. Their little car was already stuffed with luggage, and there just wasn’t room for a pair of extra-large floofs. So they returned home, unloaded, and then came back the next day to officially adopt Anna and Racer.

“These little moments are truly what makes my heart tick and continue to absolutely love animal welfare,” says Marc. “We have these small moments in these animals' lives; we get to be graced by their awesome personalities. We all hope we make their days as fulfilled as they made ours.”

Bringing love home

The Hardins brought an extra-large dose of love home in the form of two floofy friends and were happy they could provide a home for two pups in need.

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"They have always been a team. Now they are still a team ... with us!” says Val. “They just let us join their team."

Anna and Racer now spend their days lounging around the house, eating, playing, and exploring off-road trails with Val, Ty, and their trusty Jeep. “Anna and Racer couldn't be any better or happier dogs. We are so blessed they entered our lives,” says Val. “They have made our home so happy and complete.”

Let's make every shelter and every community no-kill by 2025

Our goal at Best Friends is to support all animal shelters in the U.S. in reaching no-kill by 2025. No-kill means saving every dog and cat in a shelter who can be saved, accounting for community safety and good quality of life for pets. 

Shelter staff can’t do it alone. Saving animals in shelters is everyone’s responsibility, and it takes support and participation from the community. No-kill is possible when we work together thoughtfully, honestly, and collaboratively.

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You can help end the killing in shelters and save the lives of homeless pets when you foster, adopt, and advocate for the dogs and cats who need it most.

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