A friendship story: Two cats together through thick and thin

Collage of two photos - one of Harmony and one of Maui
Mia and Harmony share a unique and similar history, and today they’re thriving in their new home.
By Andrea Pitts

Mia and Harmony came to Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles together — this time. But that’s not how their story started. In fact, each originally landed at Best Friends years apart, and the two didn’t know each other at all. But their new homes were with women who happened to be neighbors and friends, and visits between them began to include the cats.

It was a friendly foursome until, sadly, one friend passed away. That’s when Mia, a tuxedo kitty, and Harmony, who has beautiful long, buff-colored fur, became housemates; one friend took over caring for both. But recently, she passed away too. Sweet Mia and Harmony, who are now seniors, had lost the people they cared about and who cared about them. Back to Best Friends they came to start over — again.

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After Mia and Harmony had a little time to settle in, the cat behavior team noticed the feline BFFs never went far from each other. Anytime the two were separated, they’d search for each other and look relieved when they were together again.

And even though Mia and Harmony both have good appetites, neither would eat without the other. “I believe they felt what had happened to their people, and they were each other’s safe zone,” says Krystal Vera, Best Friends supervisor in Los Angeles. The two had been through a lot together, and having a familiar furry face nearby seemed to bring them comfort. Soon, that comfort would follow them to the next chapter of their lives.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Culbreth

A new home for two good friends

Linda Castillo has adopted several pets from Best Friends in the past. After recently losing one of her beloved cats, she came back.

When Linda met Mia and Harmony at Best Friends, she learned about their history and how they came together because of the love and loyalty of two close friends who adored them. In that moment, her plans took a turn. Linda decided she would adopt Mia and Harmony, and off home the three of them went.

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Mia and Harmony have been living with Linda and her crew for two months now, and Linda says they are settling in well. Bobbie the dog is patiently waiting for the cats to befriend him. And Linda’s other cat, Pharaoh, is slowly warming up to the newcomers. She adds that now Mia and Harmony appear connected to each other as good friends, rather than out of fear or grief.

Linda is committed to helping Mia and Harmony find comfort and peace in their new home. She says, “It takes patience, but we will get there with time.”

Mia and Harmony had a few rough chapters in their life story. Yet this time around, it looks as though they have finally found their second storybook ending. This time, they’ve found it together.