Guinea pig who looks like Cousin It

There is a guinea pig at the Sanctuary who looks just like Cousin It from the Addams Family. Adopt your next furry pal today.
By David Dickson

We’ve had a celebrity in our midst and didn’t even know it! At least a couple of Best Friends folks are convinced of it, even if others may be skeptical. He goes by the name of "Cha-Cha" and seems to be a rescued guinea pig. But it only took one Addams Family aficionado to point out the obvious truth of the matter:

That’s Cousin It!

Famous guinea pig

Did he hope to retreat into obscurity by hiding out at the sanctuary? Has he had it with the lights, cameras, action, and all the screaming fans? Or is he actually just a guinea pig who bears a startling resemblance to that famous ball of hair? We’re taking votes in the comments section!

Adoptable guinea pigs

In the meantime, Cha-Cha and his friends, Tango and Rumba, would like to remind us that guinea pigs, too, need loving homes, and sometimes get abandoned just like they did. So remember, guinea pig lovers, check your local rescue groups for a "Cousin It" in need, rather than buying from a pet store!

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