Heartwarming cat adoptions at event in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Friends Across America held an adoption event in Phoenix, Arizona, that resulted in some heartwarming feline adoptions.
By Barbara Williamson

There were several heartfelt moments during Best Friends Across America: The Kitty Tour, an adoption event held last weekend in Phoenix.

Heartwarming cat adoptions

A woman with Alzheimer’s now has a perfect cat to sit on her lap and keep her company. Another woman who was left alone after her husband passed away now has a delightful kitty who follows her everywhere. A man looked at an older cat and was surprised when tears welled up in his eyes; he knew the cat had to come home with him.

"On a weekend when there were some big football playoff games, 15 cats adopted was excellent," says Danielle Aymar, Best Friends adoptions manager. The adoption event was held at the PetSmart in the Camelback Colonnade.

Three of the stars of the Best Friends video promoting the maiden voyage of The Kitty Tour – Kimber, Hamilton and Pigeon – went home. In addition to the 15 cats adopted at PetSmart, another was adopted before the adoption team was on the road for an hour and two Maine coon cat mixes were picked up by the Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue.

Invaluable volunteers

Best Friends volunteers were their usual energetic selves and provided invaluable help. They helped promote the HALO cats in the Love-A-Pet Center inside PetSmart, and adopted out Cheeto, a special needs kitten with a heart murmur. Another group, Pet Allies, brought their adoptable dogs.

"We really enjoyed the opportunity to share an adoption day with HALO and Pet Allies, and we hope that all of their adoptable pets we met this weekend are in good homes soon," Danielle says. "And our kitties who got adopted went to great homes.

"Phoenix was a great maiden voyage for Best Friends Across America. We hope to continue the tour in the next few months."

Photos by Troy Snow

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