Heartwarming updates from rescued Hurricane Dorian dogs are sure to make your day

Updates about rescued Hurricane Dorian dogs moved out of storm's path in Pender County Animal Shelter in North Carolina to Best Friends in Atlanta.
By Nicole Hamilton

Need a little good news today? Take a look at these amazing “pupdates” about dogs who came to the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta to escape Hurricane Dorian back in August. The dogs have all been adopted and are living large in their new homes, where their new families love them so much. These lucky pups came from Pender County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, which was directly in Dorian’s path. Because of quick action on the shelter’s part, with help from Best Friends, they got a last-minute emergency ride to Atlanta, and they haven’t looked back.

This is what getting a second chance looks like, and it’s pretty awesome.

Hank (now named Jordan)

Jordan is a sweet dog. Working on house training. He has been with me for three weeks.... He loves being loved. Also has a mind of his own but that doesn’t surprise me since he must have been on his own for a while. I had a dog named Jody for 14 years and one named Prince for 12. Both on occasion would give me that “I don’t think I want to” look. What can one do but smile! Jordan is going to be a super fella!!!!!!

– Gail Roach, Jordan’s adopter

Hank the dog sleeping on a bed


Koda is doing phenomenal. When I first got him, he was incredibly timid and only 35 pounds. He’s now up to 45 pounds, and gets more and more social every day.

With me, he’s a giant cuddler and is surprisingly responsive to my cues even without formal training. He refuses to leave my side even if do something small like leave the living room to go to the bathroom. He also loves to steal my seat on the couch. Anytime he sees an inch of space, he pounces.

Koda absolutely loves his walks. He has met a lot of friends and enjoys smelling everything he walks by. He likes to grab his leash and bring it to me with a playful growl when he wants me to know he’s ready for a walk.

Overall, Koda is doing incredibly well. He’s great with my neighbors, other dogs, kids — and grows more and more bold each day.

– Charlie Schlegel, Koda’s adopter

Koda the dog lying down and sleeping with all four legs splayed out

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Heidi (now Cecelia)

She’s doing really well! Quick note: We renamed her Cecelia after Pam and Jim’s baby from “The Office.” She’s slowly putting all the weight back on and her fur is starting to get super soft again as she relaxes and de-stresses. She’s super thankful that you guys took good care of her and let her heal up after the hurricane.

Next up is her heartworm treatment (thank you to Best Friends for covering all of that), so she’s going to have to rest for two to three months or so before we go on any long walks.

– Casey Bowman, Cecelia’s adopter

Billy (now named Dorian!)

Dorian has quickly become my best friend! We go on hikes almost every day and he loves smelling everything! At a nearby park, there is a stream we pass on our hikes and he loves playing in and drinking from it. He’s been getting socialized almost daily at dog parks, and he finally played with another dog for the first time yesterday! I was so proud. He usually doesn’t leave my side.

Dorian knows “sit,” “down,” “walk nice,” “in your bed,” “in your seat,” “no,” “come” and not to beg for people food. We’re still working on “stay.” His favorite is a knotted rope or any kind of paper he can shred! It took us a while to learn to play tug and keep-away. It fills my heart to see him learning to love toys and treats!

We went to the vet for the first time recently and Dorian now weighs 32.2 pounds! Almost all of his hair has filled back in, though it still needs time to get thicker.

I got lucky with Dorian. He is the most handsome, cutest, stubborn, sassy, gentle, calm, adventurous, curious pup I could have asked for. I always get compliments on how sweet he is whenever he meets new people. I take him everywhere I can! I hope to get him desensitized to as many situations (he used to be afraid of long hallways and bridges) as possible, and he loves meeting people wherever we go! He is thriving!

– Katharine Miele, Dorian’s adopter

Billy the dog with mouth open looking happy

Billy the dog sleeping in a bed covered with a red plaid blanket

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Photos courtesy of Casey Bowman, Katharine Miele, Sam Roach and Charlie Schlege

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