Hitchhiking pit bull mix puppy

Two people and a black and white pit bull mix puppy were hitchhiking. But the people left the pup and never came back. He's now at the Sanctuary.
By David Dickson

Want to improve your chances of thumbing a ride across town? Then bring a really funny dog with you. But don’t leave your traveling companion hanging!

Pit bull mix puppy along for the ride

Marv the pit bull mix puppy was chewing up the highway with two people from Idaho. They were hitchhiking their way back home from southern Utah, and Marv was certainly lighting up the landscape wherever they went. With a winning smile and his patented almost-cow-like markings, Marv is one of a kind.

A sheriff deputy picked them up, dog and all, and drove them a ways. But the fun stopped at the second leg of the journey when—with a different sheriff deputy—Marv wasn’t invited to go any further. The two hitchhikers begged the deputy to hold Marv temporarily while they went on ahead, and they swore they’d come back for him.

Abandoned pup

Nope. They disappeared. Who knows what happened? When it became obvious that the two rovers weren’t coming back for Marv, he came to the sanctuary instead. This little cow-dog is a blast, and chock-full of that youthful energy that in a fair world could be bottled and sold to the rest of us. But, hey, he promises that if you come and take him for a walk sometime, he’ll gladly regale you with his adventurous accounts from life on the road!

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Photos by Troy Snow