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Tucson Animal Shelter brings HOPE to abandoned dogs and cats
By Best Friends Animal Society

HOPE Animal Shelter is a very special place; they are Tucson's only no-kill, cage-free rescue for abandoned dogs and cats. These pets that find themselves in a hopeless, difficult situation find at HOPE, a safe haven where they are loved, nourished and safe until the day when they are adopted by their forever family.

HOPE is the love project of a small group of women that in 2006 started taking in a few animals in need and caring for them at a Veterinary Clinic, at the same time they started raising funds and in 2007 they moved out of the Veterinary and into a larger facility that allowed them to increase the number of dogs and cats they could care for.

"HOPE Animal Shelter proudly embraces the values of Ahimsa and operates on its principles", said Susan Scherl, one of the original founders of HOPE and Executive Director. Ahimsa means kindness and non-violence towards all living things including animals because all living things are connected.

Abandoned dogs and cats are special creatures; they are kind and loving animals that because of different circumstances grow up on the streets, sometimes hungry, sometimes ill and often lonely... others are family pets that can't understand why all of a sudden they no longer have a family or home. Unfortunately a lot of these animals end up in hopeless situations, many of them even in danger of being put to sleep. And here is were HOPE comes in and saves the day!

HOPE not only rescues these pets, they provide much more in the form of:

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  • A safe environment where they can be socialized and help them get adopted. Their emotional health is just as important as their physical health.

  • A permanent and loving home where they will be taken care of until they find their forever families.

  • Medical care in a nurturing environment for elderly pets or those with long term health problems until the time when they also find their forever home.

  • Respect to their right to live! HOPE will NEVER put an animal to sleep unless they are suffering.

  • Working together with other organizations like PACC //www.pimaanimalcare.org/ in order to maximize the number of animals saved.

In Tucson, HOPE is all around. This all-volunteer organization is constantly coming up with new and fun ways to reach out to the Community in order to make a mark not only in the pets' lives, but also in the lives of the families that find that special family member @ HOPE. It's also very touching and exciting to see how the Community has embraced HOPE and participates in the events and fundraisers, families and businesses alike...

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The very special commitment from HOPE's volunteer force is responsible for saving and adopting out an average of 400 pets a year... imagine how many more will be helped in the future when HOPE has raised enough funds to move to a larger facility! There's no doubt we'll be hearing big things from HOPE in this new 2011.

Want to meet these great bunch of animal lovers? Then mark your calendar! Furry Valentine Days is coming these February 12 and 13. The Event Includes Paw Prints, Car Magnets, Dog cookies, cat treats, knitted cozies for cats, Valentine cookies for the humans and who knows, maybe even a new furry family member just in time to celebrate St Valentine's day. Click here for the full details.

Can't make it to the event? don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities, HOPE is always looking for new friends, here's how you can join in right now:

*** Help HOPE win Petfinder's $300,000 Shelter Challenge prices, just go to the Shelter Challenge's website , enter 'HOPE Animal Shelter", "AZ" for the state and "VOTE"... you can do this every day to give HOPE a chance to win. ***

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Photos/Logo courtesy of HOPE