Hungry Angel

She's beautiful, but she was hungry! Meet Angel, a new horse at Best Friends who hopes to gain hundreds of much-needed pounds.
By Best Friends Animal Society

She may be beautiful, but this Angel needs to gain weight! Lots of weight. In fact, Angel could stand to gain a couple hundred pounds. (Now, there’s a doctor recommendation not many of us get to hear!) But Angel’s at Best Friends now, where she’s steadily filling out and getting stronger every day.

Angel belonged to some folks who just weren’t taking good care of her. Some friends of theirs in Colorado City, Arizona, noticed that the horse was all skin and bones. And they proved themselves to be real friends indeed by speaking up and asking if they might help the skinny horse, who looked like she must be more than they could handle right now. Angel’s people said they’d be glad to let her go. And so the Colorado City women took her in, but found she was so sick from malnourishment that they too were going to need some help. That’s when they called Best Friends.

We sent a trailer to pick her up – a beautiful quarterhorse in her mid-20s– and brought her back to the sanctuary. Angel is a gentle, quiet horse who’s just a little timid. She’s loving the fresh air and sweet hay, and just as soon as she’s all fattened up and healthy, she’ll be looking for a good home.