It’s 2021! Discover your animal astrology sign

Soothing videos take a deep look into the furry side of your soul.
By Elizabeth Doyle

It’s 2021! A new year, a new you, a new … astrology sign?

You probably know your regular astrology sign. But this one is furrier or more feathered. It just depends on how the stars align.

This year, resolve to relax, live mindfully and explore your inner parrot. Or cat. Or horse. Or whatever else may be rising in your very special animal astrology chart.

These videos dive deeply where no astrologer has gone before ― into Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. All the animals you might meet here make their way into the wheel of this reimagined version of astrology. Why? Because we thought it would be fun, of course.

Find your Zodiac sign and relax as these words of discovery wash over you.

Capricorn horoscope: Pig with Sheep Rising

Aquarius horoscope: Dog with Goat Rising

Pisces horoscope: Rabbit with Cat Rising

Aries horoscope: Cat with Burro Rising

Taurus horoscope: Horse with Dog Rising

Gemini horoscope: Parrot with Cat Rising

Cancer horoscope: Cat with Tortoise Rising

Leo horoscope: Rooster with Dog Rising

Virgo horoscope: Guinea Pig with Dog Rising

Libra horoscope: Dog with Dove Rising

Scorpio horoscope: Cat with Raven Rising

Sagittarius horoscope: Owl with Cat Rising

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