Jumping dog finds perfect home

An exuberant shar-pei mix dog -- a jumping bean of the canine variety so to speak -- finds his perfect family. He now has a job, too.
By Denise LeBeau

Dexter the shar-pei mix is quite the outgoing fellow who likes to jumpWhen Dexter was picked up as a stray by West Valley City Animal Services last July, he was plenty sweet. But the cute shar-pei mix with the broad head offset by comically small ears turned into a whirling dervish when they put him in a kennel.

Since the shelter wasn’t a good place for the outgoing fellow, he was transferred to Best Friends Animal Society–Utah. Best Friends secured a great foster home, and made plans for him to go to the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center a few days a week, so he could meet potential adopters and find a permanent home. But even his best jumping bean impression wasn’t enough to win over adopters — that is, until someone saw an enthusiasm in Dexter that matched her own.

Adopting a charismatic dog

Willa Bundy and her husband lost their beloved Yorkie more than a year ago and had been looking for a new dog ever since. But they were in no rush and wanted to take their time to find just the right one. “We looked at many dogs, but none seemed to fit,” says Willa. When the family visited the pet adoption center, though, Dexter caught her attention right away. “I loved his size, his big beautiful brown eyes and all-white coat with one big black dot on his head,” Willa says. “He looked too good to be true.”

When Dexter was put inside his kennel and Willa saw him jump so high, she says, “I thought, ‘This is one charismatic, talented dog!’” Within minutes Willa was convinced that Dexter was incredibly smart and was just the dog she and her husband were looking for, because they needed a smart dog who could handle a particular job. They adopted Dexter and haven’t been disappointed.

Dog who jumps for joy

Dexter the shar-pei mix now has a loving homeTwo years ago, Willa’s husband had a stroke, and he’s had a long road to recovery. Because of that, Willa wanted to get a dog who would accompany him on his truck while he worked on their 80-acre farm. “He is the perfect dog for us and our farm,” says Willa. “He can jump higher than any dog I have ever seen, but that is perfect for field work.” Dexter came to his new family with other skills, too. He’s potty-trained and crate-trained, and has incredible manners.

Watching Dexter with her husband gives Willa the greatest joy. “Dexter has so taken to my husband,” says Willa. She explains that when her husband comes home, Dexter greets him with his big doggy “hello” and then sticks to him like glue.

“We are so grateful to have him in our lives and glad that we were able to give him a good home,” says Willa. “Dexter will be with us for the rest of his life.”  

This whole family is jumping for joy now that they’ve got the perfect dog by their side. And with every leap and bound, Dexter’s leading the way to more wonderful times.

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Photos by Best Friends staff and Willa Bundy