'Little Miss(es)' and 'Mr. Men' at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Norberta the dog smiling alongside a person
There’s a trend on social media and these fluffy influencers don’t want to miss out.
By Sarah Thornton

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or TikTok recently, you might have noticed an old classic making a comeback. Characters from the covers of the Mr. Men and Little Miss, children’s books from the 70s and 80s, are popping up all over the place with new captions highlighting everything from someone’s personality quirks to favorite pieces of media.

Of course, we couldn’t just let the pets here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary be left out of the latest trends. They may not have their own computers, but these fluffy (and feathery) friends are always ready to join in on the fun. So, without further ado, here are their contributions to the latest big thing on the internet.

Little Miss Silently Judging You: York

Mr. Unconditional Love: Lou

Mr. Always Has Room For Mud Pie: Smokey

Little Miss Bleps with Grace: Bunnie

Mr. Life of the Pool Party: Zorro

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong: Asana

Mr. Ready for His Closeup: Cricket

Mr. Sharp-Dressed Man: Woodrow

Mr. Mischievous: Dino

Little Miss Nature Lover: Haru

Little Miss Always Has Her Eye on You: Norberta

Mr. Green Thumb: Poe

Mr. Dance Like No One’s Watching: Lollipop

Little Miss Life is an Adventure: Betty White

Mr. Agility Gold Medalist: Jako

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