Mister and Misses: Two dogs united in holy muttrimony

See photos and video of two dogs who were joined together in holy muttrimony and celebrated their marriage with a honeymoon in Hawaii.
By Anna Jacoby and Kelli Harmon

You know those couples who are so cute and obviously in love? Well, that’s Mister and Misses. They’ve been together all six years of their lives. They were in a home together, and then they lost that home and ended up at a county shelter in Georgia. But they stuck together through it all, and now they’re at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta. The team there has helped them take their relationship to the next level by making it official: They got hitched.

Mister and Misses are known as the cutest couple at the center for obvious reasons. A source close to them says, “Misses is very much the boss in the relationship. We have to separate them for feeding time — not because they'll fight over food, but because Mister will just step aside and let Misses eat (hence her curves). Another fun quirk of hers is that she'll chew off any harness or other ‘clothes’ Mister is wearing.”

Wedding dress shopping and a bachelor party gone wrong

Back in August, the couple was busy with wedding planning and pre-event celebrations. Blushing bride Misses went shopping to find the perfect wedding dress that would hug her curves in all the right places.

Meanwhile, her husband-to-be hit the Chattahoochee with some snacks and brewskis. It was his perfect day. Mister loves nothing more than lounging on the riverbank and working on his tan, eating too many Cheetos and taking a dip whenever he feels like it.

The only thing was, while living large on the river, Mister lost his phone. And well, Misses freaked out a little bit. When the phone was recovered later, Mister had dozens of texts waiting from his bride-to-be. Here’s a recap of how things deteriorated after Misses didn’t get a response to what she says were perfectly nice texts.

3:55 How could you be so irresponsible
3:57 HELLO
3:58 I’m keeping the ring
3:59 I need to SPEAK WITH YOU
4:02 I’m calling my mother

When both dogs returned to the center after their day apart, Mister explained that he’d lost his phone. She’s embarrassed by it now, but Misses says she just had prewedding jitters. The two patched things up just in time for their wedding day.

The big day and Hawaiian honeymoon

At the ceremony, Misses walked excitedly down the aisle to the love of her life. By all accounts, it was a lovely, intimate ceremony attended by the couple’s closest friends. The full-bodied wiggle butt and her handsome groom sealed their marriage with a peanut butter kiss.

Following the big day’s festivities, they embarked on their honeymoon. The happy couple was thinking about friends back home and made sure to send a postcard.

Now these two crazy kids are settling into wedded bliss. If anyone is wondering whether the pitter patter of little paws will be in their future, the answer is no. The couple are spayed and neutered.

Mister and Misses still call the Best Friends Lifesaving Center home, but they’d really like to move out and find a place of their own. While they considered filling out a wedding registry at Bed, Bark, and Beyond, they agree that in lieu of gifts, what they’d like more than anything else is a forever home.

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Want to give the happy couple, Mister and Misses, a home? Contact the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta.

Photos by Best Friends staff