New medical clinic for rabbits at the Sanctuary

The Bunny House at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is expanding to include a dedicated rabbit medical clinic.
By David Dickson

The bunnies at Best Friends are doing cartwheels of joy. (Ever seen a rabbit do a cartwheel before? Poetry in motion.) You see, the Bunny House has been expanded! This new room actually towers above the rest of the Bunny House, so it's easy to spot.

New medical clinic just for bunnies

This new room will function as a medical clinic for the rabbits. It has all the counters, cabinets, and supplies that the medical staff and other caregivers need to combat the sniffles and aches the bunnies throw their way. Before the expansion, they had to take a car ride to the Best Friends clinic when they were sick. That's not much fun for a bunny who's ailing, especially since the clinic is usually bustling with dogs. Rabbits aren't generally fond of predators. Makes them nervous ... understandably so.

More storage area for rabbit medicines and vitamins

But now, they shouldn't have to make that trip much at all. And the rabbit caregivers have a lot more room to store all the medicines and vitamins necessary to keep bunnies happy. The rabbits are still a long way from crossing "New Bunny House" off their Santa wish list, but this is a great big step in the right direction. Too bad the thing didn't come with a disco ball. What a house-warming party they might have had!

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Photo by Molly Wald