Nine “aww”-worthy moments with kittens and other pets

Check out nine "aww"-worthy moments with kittens, puppies, a photo-bombing horse and other animals.
By Kelli Harmon

From a whole season of saving kittens to puppies on a road trip and a photo-bombing horse, there’s a lot going on at Best Friends. If you haven’t been spending 24 hours a day on social media (or even if you have), you might have missed some of these sweet and furry faces online. Well, you’re in luck. Catch up on all that’s adorable here.

1. What a year for saving kittens!

They’re undeniably adorable and, every spring, thousands of kittens begin to flood into shelters everywhere. That means that people who volunteer to care for and foster kittens are mighty busy through spring, summer and fall. This year was one for the record books.

Best Friends volunteer coordinator Aimee Rousey made this video to celebrate a year of saving kittens in Los Angeles.

2. Puppies hit the road in droves.

What do you do when there are hundreds of puppies at a single shelter and it’s far away from places where they can get adopted? You give them a ride to new lives. Best Friends is giving 800 dogs and puppies (and some kitties, too) a ride out of a very busy shelter and into rescue groups and shelters across the country. We’re working with our friends at Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg, Texas, to save these adorable pets.

Smiling woman holding two puppies while multiple other people take pictures with their cell phones

This is what happens when you work on transports at a shelter chock-full of puppies. You just can’t help it! – Best Friends in Texas

3. Titi the cat is living large in her new home.

Sometimes pets get adopted almost immediately, and sometimes it takes longer for the right person to come along and fall in love. That’s how it was for Titi the cat in New York City.

Titi the cat getting adopted in New York City

Today, we are celebrating Titi Tuesday. After six months of being with us, this lucky cat finally found the perfect family … and we are just thrilled! – Best Friends in New York

4. It’s the latest thing: a photo-bombing horse.

Horses are social creatures, but some take it to another level. Like Cowboy, a horse who has called the Sanctuary home for quite some time now. He never misses a chance to insert himself into the picture.

Cowboy the horse photobombs a photo of two other horses

Cowboy the photo-bombing horse strikes again. – Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

5. Could Fiona be any sweeter?

This frosty-faced dog was surrendered to the Harris County shelter in Houston, Texas, at nine years old. She was confused and scared and didn’t understand what was happening to her. But now she’s a happy girl because she was adopted into a new home, where she’ll get nothing but love.

Fiona the brown dog next to a fence with the words, My name is Fiona

Savor the victories! To celebrate the start of her new life, we made Fiona a birthday cake out of wet food, treats and cat food sprinkles. I think she enjoyed it. Teamwork makes the dream work. #SaveThemAll #NK2025 – Amy Kohlbecker, Best Friends manager of lifesaving operations, Houston, Texas

6. Sunbeams and cats go together.

If you have cats, you know how much they love a good sunbeam. These three kitties — Crosby, Maisie and Micah — didn’t mind sharing theirs while lounging in an adorable cat bed. One of their caregivers noticed and composed a little poem about them.

Three cats on a pink bench in a sunbeam

Three little cats
Were set for a nap
And found a purrfect spot to choose

We’ll snuggle in bed
And I’ll groom your head
Then we’ll all lie in the sun and snooze

– Joni Miller, cat caregiver, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

7. This dog is more of an inside girl.

Most dogs jump at the chance to go for a car ride and a walk. Nena, however, is not most dogs. When it was her turn for a special day to do whatever she wanted, she made it clear that she’d love nothing more than curling up in the fluffiest blanket around. She made everyone laugh about the new way she’d found to play with one of her toys.

Two side-by-side images of Nena the dog, one under covers and one with a rope toy on her head

Instead of braving the weather for a “dog’s day out” this week, Nena decided that a cozy day in was a much better idea. She got to bundle up and even found an exciting new use for her toy. – Best Friends in Atlanta

8. There’s nothing like a hike with a new best friend.

One thing that volunteers can do when visiting the Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, is take a dog on an outing for the day. Jeff took Chili to a nearby state park, where the two had so much fun, he really didn’t want to bring Chili back.

Jeff and Chili the dog at Coral Pink Sand Dunes park

Chili’s grand adventure at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park! She is such a wonderful dog and if she doesn't find a home soon, I may just up and claim her. – volunteer Jeff Francis at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

9. This cat absolutely adores his foster kitten.

Some pets are standoffish when there’s a new addition to the household, even if it’s only temporary. But Prophet the cat had the opposite reaction. He couldn’t love his foster kitten more, and if it were up to him, he’d get to keep Velvet. Now he just has to convince everyone else that it’s a good idea.

I’ve tried to explain to him that we were fostering, but he didn’t want to hear it. Prophet wants to adopt her. – Angel Stempfel, Best Friends overnight vet assistant, Best Friends in Los Angeles

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