Passing the Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) exam

Dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary receiving training and pass their Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) exam.
By Elizabeth Doyle

It’s official: Echo is a brilliant, perfect, genius dog at Best Friends! She passed her Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) exam with flying colors, setting an example and a dream for all the other dogs at the sanctuary.

Dog training program

Ann Allums, a Best Friends dog trainer, is starting a new program where staff members, whether from birds or bunnies or – gasp – even publications, can choose their favorite dog and take him or her through dog training lessons in hopes of getting the Good Citizenship Award. It’s not only a fun way for a sanctuary dog to spend some afternoons, but it helps build confidence. And hey – being officially declared a Good Citizen can never hurt in the hunt for a new home!

Echo is the first to pass this rather rigorous test. To receive the award, she had to meet strangers nicely, meet new dogs nicely, let people touch her feet, follow basic commands, and much more. Her caregivers say not only are they proud of all she’s learned, but Echo seems to have gained a lot of interpersonal skills from the experience.

Dog loses home because of new baby

Echo came to Best Friends because her family of 10 years gave her up for the new baby. She’s had a hard time standing out with visitors because she keeps to herself a bit. But since her six weeks of doggie classes, and the resulting award, she’s been much more interactive. It’s been a big boost to her!

Now it’s time to see how many more Best Friends dogs can follow suit!

A big round of applause for Echo!

Photo by Best Friends staff

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