Photos of superhero kittens in Halloween costumes

Celebrate the autumn season with some adorable pictures of kittens all dressed up in superhero comic book hero Halloween costumes.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

Halloween gives us the opportunity — for just one day — to take on the personas of our alter egos. So what do adorable kittens aspire to become? Superheroes, of course! See images of fluffy, purring bundles of love transform into protectors of the innocent and champions of justice.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Best Friends!

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Kitten dressed up as Superman
Look — up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Super Kitten!


Kitten dressed up as Batman
The cat signal: I’d better get to work.


Kitten dressed up as Batman
I’m Bat Cat.


Kitten dressed up as Superman
This looks like a job for Super Cat.


Kitten dressed up as Wonder Woman
I’m going to lasso a home of my own!


Kitten dressed up as Clark Kent
This is my disguise, but no matter what I wear the cuteness shines right through.


Kitten dressed up as the Hulk
Hulk smash


Kitten dressed up as Spiderman
This web is stickier than I had thought. Whoops!


Kitten dressed up as superheros
Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice …


Kitten dressed up as Captain America
Armed with my indestructible shield, I’m ready to battle the evil vacuum cleaner.


Photos by Sarah Ause-Kichas