Pig plastic surgery

One pig's tummy was getting caught between her toes. Pig undergoes plastic surgery (a tummy tuck) to correct the problem.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Britney Spears has had a tummy tuck! You heard it here first.

Potbellied pig gets tummy tuck

Of course, we’re talking about Britney Spears, the potbellied pig at Best Friends. And it wasn’t for cosmetic reasons that she went under the knife. (Pigs are remarkable for their lack of excessive vanity.) Instead, her tummy had become a real hindrance to her life. And with her new, lovely shape? She’s got a whole new personality!

Britney came to Best Friends when her person passed away. Her belly at that time hung so low that it scraped the ground when she walked. And the flesh kept getting caught between her toes, making her trip! Not surprisingly, Britney could be a little bit ornery. And caregivers wondered whether some of that was just the frustration of barely being able to move.

So Britney got an appointment with Dr. Orr of Bird and Exotic Pet Hospital in Midvale, Utah. It was time to get drastic. This gal needed a tummy tuck, or else she’d never stop being miserable!

Successful surgery for pig

Paul Tharp from Horse Haven drove her to the doctor’s. The surgery was a big success, and when a very angry Britney came squeaking out of the office, she ran right up to Paul’s truck and asked to be let in. She wanted to get back to Best Friends! Fortunately, Paul had set up cushions and blankets in there. She had her own little comfy bed for the six-hour drive back. And she slept the whole way.

But what was remarkable is what happened when she returned and really woke up. No longer tripping over her belly, Britney started trotting and asking for attention. She became playful! She wanted to make friends. Her new mobility has given her a whole new outlook on life!

Life looking brighter for pig

Britney is now on a special weight maintenance diet so she’ll never have to trip when she’s trying to walk again. And she’s always on the lookout for a good home. But in the meantime, she’s available to the first talk-show host who calls, wanting to have her on the show to talk about "How cosmetic surgery changed my life! Oink."

Find out about Piggy Paradise at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Photo by Troy Snow

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