Marshall’s Piggy Paradise: A refuge for pigs

Potbellied pigs can make wonderful pets. They’re highly intelligent, and yes, very clean! But pigs frequently lose their homes because of zoning laws that classify them as farm animals instead of pets, or because people don’t expect them to grow so big. The pigs at Marshall's Piggy Paradise at Best Friends have come to the Sanctuary because they were abandoned, ignored, hoarded or even outlawed. But here, they enjoy a short, squat, adorable piggy village with warm homes. They enjoy mud baths, healthy food and exercise, and most importantly, the love and attention they need, for as long as it takes them to find loving homes of their own.

Our residents

The pigs at Marshall's Piggy Paradise take character to a whole new level. Sure they grunt, snort and wallow, but that's only because they're happy and content. And that, along with their wonderful personalities, makes them truly lovable.