Pit bull dog with a great resume

This great pit bull makes an excellent employee, has a fantastic resume, and is qualified for a number of job positions. Find out about this cutie.
By David Dickson

If Tacoma the pit bull ever needs to look for a new job, he’s going to have himself one rockin’ resume. As a Best Friends office assistant, he has proven himself invaluable at knocking over large objects, greeting visitors with a big cheesy smile, and bumping into the furniture on a regular basis. He’ll make sure that his employer has plenty of distractions throughout the day, and Tacoma feels that with proper motivation and training, he would make an excellent paper shredder, too. What a catch!

Happy pit bull dog

Tacoma came to Best Friends recently from a local animal control facility. Right from the start, he was a big ham. Always quick to say "hi" to everyone. This is one happy guy. So happy, in fact, that it was getting him into trouble. He’d wag his tail so enthusiastically, it thumped against the wall, hard enough and frequently enough to injure it! "Happy tail," it’s sometimes called. Then he made things worse by obsessing over his tail and chewing on it, which caused further damage.

The poor tail just wouldn’t heal, and it got so bad that the Best Friends vets decided the best treatment was docking the tail.

After his surgery, Tacoma got a bit stir-crazy in the healing process. This is not a personality that’s contained easily! So he went to help out at the front desk at Best Friends’ Dogtown. You’ve never met a receptionist like this big loveable oaf. Sure, he will sooner knock over the filing cabinet than pick up a telephone, but he sure improves morale!

Dog with great attitude

If that wasn’t enough, though, he’s also established himself as an excellent backup delivery dog. He taught himself how to ride shotgun in a car for the food delivery runs around the sanctuary. Always looking to put that extra notch in his belt, that’s Tacoma. He’s also offered his services, on these food delivery runs, to perform quality control checks whenever needed. With a "can-do" attitude like that, the sky’s the limit for this employee of the month!

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Photo by Gary Kalpakoff