Pit bull terrier mix is forgiving

Abused pit bull mix was shot with a paintball gun and had his ears cruelly cut off. This forgiving and deserving dog looks forward to better days.
By David Dickson

Those who live with and love animals know there are many ways in which animals are superior to people. They are — among other things — more content with the simple pleasures in life, they’re almost always more unconditionally loving, and without question they are more forgiving. We humans can be awfully adept at carrying grudges. Forget your wedding anniversary even once and you may not hear the end of it for decades. Meanwhile, animals often forgive immediately the cruelest acts committed against them.

Abused pit bull terrier mix rescued

Abused pit bull who is forgiving and lives in the here and now

Zoom the pit bull terrier type dog mix is a prime example of an animal who knows how to forget the past and look toward a brighter future. That said, if any dog has a right to carry a chip on his shoulder, it’s Zoom. He was found as a stray in northern Utah covered in purple paint, the result of having been shot repeatedly with a paintball gun. Sad to say, that’s not the worst of it. Whoever shot him up with paint also decided to clip off his ears for sport. By the time Zoom was found, he needed medical attention right away. Nobody knows who is responsible for Zoom’s abuse.

Forgiving, loving dog

Zoom came to Best Friends looking for a fresh start in life. Here’s the truly incredible part about his attitude. Though the wounds on his ears were still healing when he reached the Sanctuary, he was already friendly and welcoming to all who came near him. He didn’t even mind having his ears examined during the evaluation. If he carries any emotional baggage from his ordeal he sure doesn’t show it. Zoom is the kind of dog who seems to smile in spite of the worst life can dish out.

If you spend any time with Zoom you might never guess anything horrible had ever happened to him. He greets each new face as a friend and every walk around the block becomes a grand adventure. Zoom remains so focused on discovering new joys in life that he doesn’t seem to have time to look back and fret over what he’s been through.

His injuries are already healing nicely and the purple paint is very nearly washed clean, leaving his handsome red fur shining through. He doesn’t appear to have any further medical problems, and at less than two years old he still has his whole life ahead of him. Make no mistake; he plans to make the most of it.

Welcome, Zoom. You’re an example to us all.

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Photos by Gary Kalpakoff