Pit bull terriers: Pictures of America's most popular dog

There are so many reasons why we love pit bulls. Here are a few, along with cute, colorful pittie photos.
By Best Friends staff

Pit bull terriers are some of the most popular dogs in America, and for good reason. Given the same care and training as any other puppy or dog, they make fantastic pets. The flip side of their popularity is that animal shelters and rescue groups are teeming with young, short-haired, muscular dogs, labeled (rightly or wrongly) “pit bulls.” They’re not hard to find. In fact, in many areas they’re the dogs most often killed in shelters, simply because there are so many of them.

Here at Best Friends, we are working hard to change the negative stigma surrounding America's favorite dog. There are so many reasons why we love them, but we picked a few of our favorites to share with you. (Warning: these photos are over-the-top adorable!)

1. Having a bad day? No worries — these guys are natural clowns and promise to make you laugh!

Photos of pitbulls dressed up in various costumes

2. "Trust me, I'm a lion."

Picture of a pitbull dressed up like lion

3. Motto to live by: find balance in life.

Cute picture of pitbull with stuff on head

Pitbull with stuff on head

3. They promise to be your BFF for life.

Little boy and pitbull

4. "Cheese is part of a balanced diet."

Pitbull with stuff on head

5. They'll be your very own personal pillow pet.

Pitbull and child

Pitbull and cat

6. PUPPIES! Need we say more? 

Pitbull puppy pile

Pitbull puppy pile

Pitbull puppy pile

Pitbull puppy pile

7. They're great at going incognito.

Rockstar Pit Bull Terriers

8. And of course, they just want to have fun!

Pitbull outside

They are more than just cute. They’re silly, sweet, smart, loyal, affectionate, athletic, and they just want a family to love them.

Through our pit bull terrier initiatives, we are working to overcome breed discrimination and help pets receive the love and care they deserve. Learn more.

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Photos by Best Friends photographers