Rescued guinea pigs with crazy hair

Unchecked breeding quickly becomes an out-of-control situation for one family. Twelve male guinea pigs with wild hair come to Best Friends for help.
By David Dickson

With wild hair like this, a career in anything other than rock n’ roll would be a waste of natural talent. Twelve new guinea pigs have come to the sanctuary, and with any luck, a jammin’ rock group with hair to die for will soon be entertaining visitors. Here’s to hoping, anyway.

Guinea pig breeding results in out-of-control situation

They all came from a home where unchecked breeding got a little out of control. Like many small animals, male guinea pigs can reproduce at a very young age and it doesn’t take long for a few ‘accidents’ to turn into a really big problem. With this group, once the numbers climbed high enough, it was tough to find food, space, and time for everybody. These little guys started feeling awfully cramped and hungry. Time to take the show on the road!

Rehoming the male guinea pigs

One of the first steps their family decided to take toward population control was finding new homes for all the males. Which is why the family has been scrambling to place all the males, twelve of whom came to Best Friends. (One look at these cute guys, and caregivers thought, "Uh-oh. Another boy band in the making. Just what the world needs!")

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Photo by Troy Snow