A shy dog’s transformation

Shy dog gains confidence, becoming more playful and affectionate, due to the love of his foster family. Read about his transformation.
By Nicole Hamilton

When a dog named Joey first came to the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta, he was so shy he hardly came come out from the back of his kennel. Staff and volunteers worked hard to help him feel more comfortable at the center, but the more they tried, the more it became clear that what Joey really needed was to be in a foster home where he could learn how to trust people in his own time, no matter how long it took. That’s exactly what he got with his foster mom, Lisa McManus.

Lisa, a foster volunteer who has helped many of the shy dogs who at the center, quickly stepped up to help. First, she visited Joey every day for about two weeks so he could begin to feel more comfortable around her. Then, she brought Joey home, where he could have all the space he needed to begin to trust people.

Little by little, Joey started venturing out of his crate, and with every step, he gained confidence. Soon he was running up the stairs to Lisa’s bedroom, and eventually he felt brave enough to play in the backyard with Lisa’s dogs, and then nap beside them when playtime was over.

Today, thanks to Lisa’s great work as a foster mom, Joey’s gentle and kind personality is easy for people to see. And since his shyness no longer holds him back, he’s ready for his forever home. “He’s a good sweet soul,” says Lisa. “You give him an ounce of love and he’s going to give you a pound back.”

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Photo courtesy of Lisa McManus

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