Snow day with dogs at Best Friends

See fun pictures of dogs having a blast during a recent snow day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Molly Wald

Snow in the high desert is magic. The combination of red canyon walls and crystalline white powder elevates the beauty of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to a whole new level.

The Disney barn at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary covered in snow
Thick layers of snow drift and settle over the sand, absorbing the ambient noise and making everything hushed in this new winter cathedral.

Snow on a cliff at Angel Canyon
The dogs in Dogtown, however, did not get the memo. To them, snow is just another reason to party!

Shepherd mix dog playing by tossing a bucket in the snow
“YASS!! SNOW!!!” Tonya thinks snow makes everything more exciting, including her favorite bucket game.

Tonya the dog playing in the snow with a bucket on her head
“Hey, wait. Where did everybody go?”

Sosa the barking dog on top of something covered in snow
Sosa was so excited that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “SNOOOOOOOW. SNOOOOOOOOW.”

Multiple dogs playing in the snow while a woman wearing a tank top watches
And while some dogs, like Inky, enjoy wearing coats in the cold weather, others, like Mokie, are better-equipped for chilly temps.

Mokie a malamute mix dog walking in the snow
“Ahh, reminds me of my ancestral homeland.”

Black and tan dog licking his nose while standing in the snow
Snow is also really tasty and a great option for staying hydrated.

Freya the dog with front feet up on a snow-covered bench, with tongue sticking out
“Thith thtuff tasths good.”

The snow day award goes to Freya, pictured above, who gamely kept up with puppies Saber and Pinwheel as they played in the white powder all morning.

Freya the dog looking close at the camera with two black and white dogs behind her playing in the snow
“Whew. These puppies are a lot to handle. Please send help!”

Freya and Pinwheel the dogs nose-to-nose outside in their run in the snow
Awww. Freya shares a magical moment with Pinwheel.

Freya and Saber the dogs barking at each other while playing in the snow
Actually, this is a more realistic portrayal of what it’s like to babysit a puppy.

Luckily, Freya is the perfect auntie to the two boisterous pups, happily engaging them in a rousing game of keep-away.

Freya the dog with a toy in her mouth while Saber the dog chasing her in the snow
“You’ll never catch me!”

Freya the dog racing with a toy in her mouth while Pinwheel the dog chases her in the snow

Freya and Pinwheel the dogs looking at each other in the snow
“Come on … you’ve almost got it … just a little bit closer.”

Freya the dog running in the snow with a toy in her mouth

Pinwheel the dog running in the snow with a toy in his mouth while Freya the dog chases him
Of course, like any good auntie, Freya lets the pups win sometimes.

Brown dog playing in the snow with two black and white dogs
Here at Best Friends, until the dogs go home with new families, they can find family in each other.

Saber and Pinwheel the dogs standing in the snow looking at Freya the dog in the distance
And there’s no doubt that the lessons Freya teaches the pups about doggie manners and socialization will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Freya the dog with eyes closed and smiling in the snow
Freya’s smiling face says it all. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Photos by Molly Wald