Tales of pet BFFs in honor of Best Friends Day

A couple hugging and petting a small white dog whose tongue is out
Here are 20 stories celebrating pets who love their people unconditionally and bring comfort and joy.
By Best Friends staff

Mark your calendars and break out the good treats because Best Friends Day is June 8. This year, we’re celebrating the day with stories shared by people about their dog and cat BFFs.

Like you, we at Best Friends feel that pets are family. They’re our cuddle bugs and walking buds. They make us laugh and offer us comfort when we need it the most. And, as these stories show, every pet spreads joy in their own unique and beautiful way.


Me and my best friend, Juniper. She has been my work-from-home buddy since the start of the pandemic. She's the best little office assistant (most of the time). – Victoria Schmid


We adopted Rebel from Best Friends. We were meant to be. She has blended so well into our little family. We love her so much and would be lost without her! – Bailey Pearson Neil


Kimball, my cat, is my heart and soul. He sits with me when I am upset, snuggles with me when I can't sleep, chirps at me when I need affirmation of being loved, and checks on me when I am too quiet. His love and devotion are in every beat of our hearts. – Kathy Neff


I adopted Major in 2018. I had said goodbye to my soul dog a few months before and didn’t think I’d be able to adopt again for a while longer.

But the stars aligned, and this huge, bouncy boy came barreling into my life. I named him Ursa Major (aka the Great Bear constellation) because people always think he’s a black bear, but he goes by Major.

I didn’t realize how much I needed him. I was too serious, very sad, and in need of a friend, so here came this 100 pound-plus dog, sharing his squeaky toys with me to make me laugh and leaning into me when I cried. We figured things out as we went, and that helped us grow together.

Now, coming up on his 5-year birthday, he’s the best — the best boy, the best cuddler, and my best friend. – Sarah Perry

Lola and Abby

Lola and Abby were adopted by my sister in Polk County, Florida, when they were 3 months old. My sister loved on these girls for three months, spoiling them every day, until her sudden death at 64. I live in Washington state, and Best Friends figured out a way to get Lola and Abby clear across the country to us. I am so happy to get to care for these two adorable, rambunctious, sweet, and awesome sisters and honor my sister’s memory. – Marie Preftes Arenz


This is a photo of my husband, Eric, and our dog Blaze, and to me it exudes love. I believe our dogs (and all pets) are such an integral part of our lives because of the unconditional love that they give. I am so incredibly grateful for the joy, laughter, comfort, and companionship that our furry friends provide. Their genuine hearts melt mine. – Robin Koffman


This is my sweet boy, Tuxxy. He lived in a cat colony I was feeding. I had my suspicions he wasn’t feral. Once I trapped him and he was neutered, I decided to give him a chance in my home. It was a long road of building trust, but he is the best dog-cat a girl could have. He is great at fetch and loves to sit on my lap. – Lemie Payne


I adopted Jack in 2019 after the death of my elderly cat, unaware that my 9-year-old cat was also terminally ill. Then the pandemic hit, my dad had several hospital stays, my mom had cancer — and through it all I've had my big cuddly tabby to hold on to. – Ann Marie Rock


Kizzy is more than just the family dog. She is my best friend. My husband and I adopted her in 2021 from Doberman Rescue of New Mexico. She knows how I'm feeling and helps me. She gives the best cuddles when I need them. She also knows how to make me laugh by doing something incredibly silly. I love playing with her. Fetch and tug-of-war are her favorite games.

She has a wonderful time going on adventures, especially the park and getting toys from pet supply stores. I enjoy seeing her face light up when we're having fun together. My husband and I have an 8-year-old daughter, and Kizzy loves spending time with her too. I love Kizzy, scars and all. She had a rough start in life, and so did I. We have that in common. I admire her resilience so much. Despite everything she had been through, she is the most loving, forgiving, and empathetic being I know. I'm proud to have her as my best friend. – Svea Neitzke


Koda was at the shelter for digging up yards. She’s the one friend who always wants to go with you and is so excited to see you that she spins around in circles. She can dig if she wants. – Kathleen Hobbs

Ellie Rose

Ellie Rose was a cat I fostered last year. She was just 3 weeks old and blind. With lots of love and proper care she made a full recovery. When the time came for her to leave, she was on her way. I’ve fostered lots of kittens and never did I cry so much after this one left. A week later I made the long drive out to Atlanta and brought her home. I love you, Ellie Rose! The best part of 2022 was your adoption. – Jasmine Marie


Kalli was my best friend for 13-plus years. A friend found her in a shelter in Las Vegas. With the help of several friends, she was transported to Washington where I was located. She became the love of my life. She was always there to make me smile and give love. Unfortunately, I lost her to bone cancer last Thanksgiving. She's forever in my heart! – Richard Lock


This is my boy, LesPaul, in our first picture on the day he came home with me. – Tony Diaz


Ruby is my best friend for so many reasons. We connected at a soul level the moment she walked through my door. She provided me with comfort and confidence. She taught me so much about myself through her personal behavior struggles.

We bonded beyond what I have ever experienced in my lifetime. She was my constant companion and light to my life. Losing her made me feel as if I lost all of myself. Experiencing a soul contract with a cat as special as her is something I wish every human got to experience because it was life-changing in so many ways. – Jade Heisey


Ariel turned 5 this week. I think this picture says it all. – Sarah Chauncey


Paris was rescued from a puppy mill at age 10. She is now 16 and still going strong. She is living a life that was meant to be. She is my best friend because she gives me unconditional love. I love her dearly. – Jane Barton


Babette is my best friend. Even at 14 with declining hearing and sight, she still knows the second I leave the room and she's off searching to make sure I'm safe. What's better than someone caring that much? – Catherine Keller


We got our sweet Crusoe from Bradshaw Animal Shelter in July of 2017 when she was 10 months old. We walked in the wrong door, and it changed our lives. She is such a part of our family. She even protected us from a home intruder once.

Crusoe is now 5 ½ and has been my savior since my daughter left for college two years ago. Every night when I come home from work, she's there waiting for me at the door. She grabs a toy and runs to my bed, so I'll chase her and play with her and her toy. It never gets old. I wish she would be able to live forever. We're so lucky we found each other. – Chloe Cedar

King George

My best friend King George and me. – John Pfander


Me with my Georgia adopted from Best Friends in Northwest Arkansas. She’s the sweetest girl in the world. – Jen Lorraine

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