Trading cats with Animal Friends Rescue Project

Best Friends swaps cats with Animal Friends Rescue Project, so the felines can have a better chance of finding forever homes.
By Best Friends staff

Four Best Friends felines went to the Animal Friends Rescue Project in California where they should be able to find good new homes. And in exchange, two cats who were a little down on their "getting adopted" luck came to Best Friends, where there are good, comfortable accommodations for cats needing a little more time.

Two cats down on their luck

Ziggy had trouble finding a home because he's positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which we all know shouldn't be too big a deterrent. Surely, someone can be found for this guy! And Angel just wasn't getting adopted. Well, they're both very welcome here while they wait.

Thanks to Sheila McMahon and Dan Williams, who made the 12-hour trip each way to drive the cats to and from Monterey. They're both volunteers for Animal Friends Rescue Project, and we were delighted to have them for their first visit to Best Friends.

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