Two former fighting dogs become pals

Vicktory dog Little Red got her Christmas present early. She got a new friend named Beefcake, another dog rescued from a fighting ring.
By David Dickson

Little Red the Vicktory dog had her Christmas list all ready to send to Santa. It was your standard two-page, single-spaced, don’t-bother-making-room-for-the-margins wish list. Just when she was about to lick the envelope closed and send it straight to the North Pole, she tossed the whole thing out the window. A handsome stranger blew into town who made all other holiday requests pale in comparison.

Love at first sight for Little Red the Vicktory dog

You can forgive the girl for getting a little weak in the knees. Beefcake, for those who haven’t met this charmer, is quite the enchanting fellow. He’s the kind of dog people trip over themselves to meet. And if you think he has magnetism going on with the two-legged types, you can only imagine what a striking figure he cut in Little Red’s eye when she first saw him.

It was, hands down, love at first sight! Little Red, who has been a tad on the lonely side ever since her pal Handsome Dan found a home, has been on the lookout for a new friend. Here at last, it looked like her luck might have turned for the better. As soon as she laid eyes on him, she was hooked.

Another dog from a fighting ring

Lucky for Little Red, Santa was pulling some strings from a distance, and not just for her. Beefcake was long overdue for a break as well. He came to Best Friends recently from the Missouri fighting-ring bust. This guy needed a special friend, too. And lucky for him, Little Red was everything he’d been looking for as well. The two hit it off instantly!

Actually, they have been best pals ever since they first laid eyes on one another. They’re hysterical, they’re inseparable, "they’re ridiculous!" as their caregivers like to say. Whether it’s playing tag or snoozing in a twisted heap, they rarely leave each other’s side for any reason. At the rate these two are going, if Santa did bother to fill their stockings with anything else, they probably wouldn’t even notice until spring. ...

Care for Little Red, Beefcake and the many other Best Friends sanctuary residents is made possible through your support. Thank you!

Photo by Sarah Ause