Two new guinea pigs enjoying enrichment and salads at the Sanctuary

Two adoptable guinea pigs come to the Sanctuary after a girl in their family develops allergies. They're enjoying all the enrichment at the Sanctuary.
By David Dickson

The guinea pig population at Best Friends just doubled overnight. OK, so maybe going from two to four isn’t such a big jump. But considering how many visitors love seeing and visiting with guinea pigs, that’s good news for anybody dropping by the Bunny House. Now there are twice as many to meet!

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Two cute adoptable guinea pigs named Peanut and Butter
Peanut and Butter

Allergies to guinea pigs

The two new arrivals, Peanut and Butter, are quite friendly around people. It’s easy to tell they were well loved by their previous family. Butter and Peanut lived in a home where two young sisters in particular took special care of them. Sad to say, after the two years, one of the sisters developed severe allergies to guinea pigs. Allergy problems can come out of nowhere like that, even after a long time with few or no symptoms.

Caring for guinea pigs at the Sanctuary

Their grandmother contacted Best Friends to see if the guinea pigs could come live at the Sanctuary. As it turns out, space was available. The sisters brought their pets together and bade them a tearful goodbye. At the same time, though, both girls were happy to see how well Peanut and Butter would be cared for at the Sanctuary.

Enrichment for guinea pigs

So far, the two brothers have been enjoying their new routine immensely. One of their favorite perks is playing on the grass each day at the Bunny Park. When the stuff you walk on happens to double as one of your favorite snacks in the world, life is good! They also enjoy exploring their wooden hideout boxes and wicker tunnels (the wicker stuff makes for great chew toys on the side).

These two guinea pig brothers never stray far from each other’s sight. "They’re real close to each other," says Best Friends rabbit manager Debby Widolf. Peanut and Butter will be kept together as a pair, so they’ll always have each other for company.

Daily salads loaded with Vitamin C

Two adorable guinea pigs in their pen
Best friends

Regarding that daily routine they’re so fond of, there’s one special element that tops their list as the all-time favorite part of the day. They practically do backflips of joy when their daily salad shows up!

Guinea pigs need additional Vitamin C, and at Best Friends, that comes in the form of a tasty green salad. Each day, Peanut and Butter are handed a freshly prepared salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, and orange slices. These two get so excited they can’t help but squeal for joy when fresh greens show up. They’ve even been known to pull off a few "popcorns," which is a guinea pig maneuver that involves jumping straight up into the air for joy. Well, shoot, when your enthusiasm is bursting at the seams like that, why bother trying to contain it?


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Photos by Best Friends staff