Very shy dog gets adopted

A very shy dog, who had multiple litters of puppies before ending up in the shelter as a stray, is finally adopted into a loving home.
By David Dickson

For all you golf fanatics out there, do you ever wish you could just set up a tent somewhere on the back nine and live out your days on the golf course? That may sound like paradise to some, but not for Nissa the dog. She’d had her fill of mismatching golf pants with plaid shirts. As a stray on a California golf course for many years, she had four litters of puppies, and did her very best to keep a healthy distance from people. Her puppies were all picked up and found homes, but Nissa hid in the background.

Shy not aggressive dog

Eventually, somebody decided Nissa was aggressive and she ended up in a shelter, alone and scared. It was almost curtains for her. (She would later be assessed as shy, not aggressive.) But then a couple of animal lovers and a Best Friends supporter worked out a way to bring Nissa (then known as Girl Dog) to the sanctuary.

Nissa came here a little over three years ago and kept to her shy little self much of that time. And yet when Cathy Stillman moved to Kanab and toured the sanctuary, bashful Nissa was the dog who caught her eye. Cathy spent weeks trying to get to know Nissa before adopting her, but Nissa still wasn’t so sure that she wanted to let down her guard.

Timid dog adopted and starts to blossom

During her first car ride home, Nissa wouldn’t even leave the car with bribes of food. And when Cathy tried walking her, Nissa would lie down and refuse to budge. Yet, Cathy did the right thing -- she was patient and gave Nissa space. It paid off. In fact, in hardly any time at all, Nissa started doing little dances of joy whenever the leash showed up, and now they are taking long walks together. See? You can teach an older dog new tricks.

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Photos by Molly Wald