A Very Special Strut Your Mutt

Fun, funds and furry friends make this year's event another giant step towards No More Homeless Pets
By Best Friends Animal Society

For the last 15 years, Strut Your Mutt has brought together the Salt Lake City community and beyond to raise money for homeless pets. With hundreds and hundreds of participants, both of the human and canine variety, it"s hard to tell who has the best time, the dogs or their guardians!

This year was no different. There was a concern with the location switch and the unpredictable weather of springtime in northern Utah, whether or not there would be a decent turnout. But with Strut Your Mutt, wherever you build it, they will come. And the throngs showed up to make this a butt kicking event indeed.

Mayor Corroon of Salt Lake County was an esteemed guest at this event, showing the citizens of the community that homeless pets matter to him. Holly Sizemore, executive director of No More Homeless Pets Utah, shared a very important honor, "We are very proud that Salt Lake County Animal Services won a Best in State award for their life-saving sheltering programs, under the leadership of Salt Lake County Mayor Corroon."

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(pictured left, Mayor Corroon)

The "wow" factor doesn"t end there! With their new venue at Veteran"s Memorial Park in West Jordan, with great parking, lots of room for more activities for both people and their pooches, the event was well attended, despite the chilled temperatures. Not only did the public show up, but they were ready to raise some serious money for the animals in need. There was one special team that raised a lot of money in honor of one of the animal welfare movement"s biggest mover and shaker.

The event committee was strutting in honor of Julie Castle.

"Julie founded the Strut event and together Castle's Canine Cohorts raised $4,180. For us that is what made this event extra special as we send our best wishes to Julie during this challenging time. Although she is battling breast cancer, Julie is still out there advocating for animals every day...she is an amazing woman and the entire committee was so honored to strut on behalf of Julie and celebrate all Julie has done, and will continue to do, for animals all across the country!" Sizemore said.

4643075244 f0fe50ae95While the final tally of the day"s financial results are still being counted, the amount raised from Strut Your Mutt this year will exceed $100,000. Sizemore said that their top fundraisers really kicked it up a notch, with the economy for so many being a struggle, the supporters of No More Homeless Pets of Utah were determined to see that the animals got as much as they could during this high profile event.

This event is so unique and effective, Greta Palmer, national events manager for Best Friends attended this year"s celebration to have fun and more.

"Strut Your Mutt is the perfect event for dog lovers. It brings together people and their best friends for a day of fun activities and companionship, and helps to raise money and awareness for homeless pets. We"re so excited to use this event as a model for Best Friends" Strut Your Mutts that we"ll be hosting in Los Angeles and New York in September!" Palmer related.

From Salt Lake County to Los Angeles to New York, Strut Your Mutt is taking huge strides towards No More Homeless Pets.

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Images courtesy Erin Fell