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Read cool stories about dogs and cats from their people. These tales are sure to warm your heart and brighten your day.
By Kelli Harmon

Last week (June 8), we celebrated national Best Friends Day along with the rest of the country. Obviously it’s one of our favorite days because best friends of the animal persuasion are pretty great. And to celebrate the day, we invited people to share their stories and tell us why their pets are their best friends.

What came our way after that were a whole lot of sweet, funny and overwhelmingly special stories, all about pets who are true best buddies. Here are just a few of the many stories people shared.

Stella Blue the dog and Amber for Best Friends Day

Amber from Michigan and Stella Blue the dog

I found Stella Blue emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks and starving on the streets of Los Angeles when she was about eight weeks old. I tried to find her owner or mother (with no luck) and took her home. I remember leaving her in the tiled kitchen area with a baby gate in case she had an accident, and waking up in the morning to find she wasn't there. I panicked and searched my house frantically for her, only to find she had been under the covers in bed with me the entire night.

She's been sleeping by my side every night for the past seven years. I still remember that first morning — waking up to her and the look in her eyes, so full of love and gratitude. She's always been a very grateful dog, always has my back, and is always watching and protecting me. She may only be 17 pounds, but she would take on a dragon for me if she had to.

She loves sharing vanilla ice cream cones, going for runs together, car rides and watching TV. She's a very intelligent dog who watches basketball games and animals on TV very intently.

I found Stella Blue at a time in my life where I lived very far from home and didn't know anyone. Ever since the day I found her, I've had a best friend by my side to share my good times, kiss away my tears and brighten up even the darkest days. There truly are no bad days when you come home to a dog.

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Shasta the cat for Best Friends Day

Heather from Utah, and Shasta the cat

This is my handsome boy, Shasta. While he is a handful and is always getting into things he shouldn't, at the end of the day (or whenever he feels like it, or you sit down, or you even just stop moving), he is always ready for a good snuggle. He just buries his face into your neck and purrs away. He is most definitely the best snuggler, and at 16 years old, those snuggles are coming a little more often.


Dakota the black dog for Best Friends Day

Laura from Florida and Dakota the dog

My black lab mix, Dakota, came to me as a stray. I never had to train her — she’s had perfect manners from the day I brought her home. She gets along with everyone, including other animals.

Recently, I brought home a Maine coon cat who needed a new home. They get along so well that Charlie, the cat, walks with us in the evenings. I could not have asked for a better best friend. Dakota is my copilot in life.


Kosmo the orange and white cat for Best Friends Day

Hollie from Texas and Kosmo the cat

I adopted Kosmo from a shelter in Houston, Texas, when she was a few weeks old. Since then, she has been with me through countless life changes and moved with me across three states and into six homes. She's now 18½ and still going strong. In that time, I have watched my husband turn into a "cat guy" and it's been wonderful seeing how much my four-year-old son has grown to love her and care for her. I hope she is with us for many more years.


Jake the dog for Best Friends Day

Brad from Virginia, and Jake the dog

Jake is my first dog and he is truly special. He will literally follow me around the house wherever I go like a shadow, and before I go to bed each night he will hop up on the bed just to say goodnight before going to his bed. I am lucky in my life to have such a wonderful friend, who has helped me understand what it means to love unconditionally.


Mobey the cat for Best Friends Day

Deborah from Arizona and Mobey the cat

This is my 19-pound cat Mobey. I am not a cat person. I'm a dog person, but I can't have a dog where I live. I went to an adoption event with a friend and felt someone staring at me. I turned around and there was this huge Siamese cat looking at me with his big blue eyes.

Several people told me that he had picked me. I scoffed, and said: "I'm not getting a cat!” Two weeks later, we went again and the cat was still there. I couldn't believe it. He's such a beautiful cat. My friend said that he was waiting for me, and I finally told her that if he was still available after two more weeks, I'd take him (knowing that he'd be gone by then). But no, he was still not adopted. That was two years ago and he has become such a buddy! So glad he waited for me.


Bean the dog playing with a ball for Best Friends Day

Cath from Utah, and Bean the dog

Bean came into my world two years ago. She was a very loving, but scared and anxious dog. She has grown into an awesome companion, who I could not imagine life without. She helps me look for the magic every day. She reminds me that we should use all our energy and enthusiasm to reach our goals and be proud of our achievements — even if they are small things, like fetching a stick, a ball or a Frisbee. Celebrate the little things. They matter. She teaches me to go for life with all I've got.


Jasmine the cat for Best Friends Day

Kathi from Ohio and Jasmine the cat

My delightful Jasmine loves to read in bed with me, and often falls asleep during story time!


Boomer the dog for Best Friends Day

Sallie from Texas and Boomer the dog

Boomer arrived at our gate — emaciated and matted. We took her in and she has been such a blessing to us. Our family has been devastated by an ongoing illness of our youngest grandchild and Boomer has been there to comfort me through many sad nights. When she sees me cry, she will come sit near me and gently lay her head in my lap while she absorbs my tears and heartache. She seems to understand far better than word can express. Boomer is my best friend.


Harri Roadcat for Best Friends Day

Dan from Illinois and Harri Roadcat

Back in 2005 I was a lonely truck driver, away from my wife and cats for a couple months at a time. Friends of mine had been "adopted" by a stray kitten, but they couldn't keep her, and I adopted the kitten as my travel companion. Harri Roadcat rode all over the U.S. with me. Every day I’d stop at a roadside rest area or truck stop, put Harri in her harness and leash, and take a nice long walk. She helped me stay a little bit fit by walking, kept me company and helped me develop a sense of humor. (A big burly truck driver walking a tiny kitten on leash tends to get a lot of laughs.) When the loneliness would otherwise prove overwhelming, Harri was there to cheer me up.

Harri continued serving as a dedicated road cat for a year. When I took a desk job, Harri transitioned to the role of housecat. She adjusted quickly and immediately began to rule the house. She ran the house with a silky paw through three cross-country moves. Harri Roadcat was my absolute closest feline friend.


Bonus the dog for Best Friends Day

Aimee from Texas and Bonus the dog

This is my son and his best friend Bonus. We found her when we were walking our two dogs and brought her home with us to keep her safe and try to find her owners — though we never did. We fostered her for a local rescue and she was adopted.

Unfortunately, she got out and was hit by a car during that time and those owners took her to a shelter since they couldn't afford the vet bills. Long story short: The rescue got her back and she came to stay with us as she recovered from surgery. After that, we decided we should just adopt her. She sleeps on my son's bed every night and is very protective of him. And even though she lost a leg after she was hit by the car, you'd never know it! My son reads to her, plays with her and says that she's his favorite thing in the world.

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Photos by Best Friends staff and courtesy of their people

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