The Zen of Grandpa Bernie

He'll take the post-holiday stress out of you!
By Best Friends Animal Society

The holidays are over. Shreds of wrapping paper are still strung all around the house, eggnog cartons have piled up in the garbage can, New Year’s Eve confetti remains scattered in the carpet, the holiday bills smile menacingly from the bill drawer, and you need a break! A time to collect your wits and refocus your energy. Your center of balance is off, and really, that leaves only one logical solution. It’s time for you to pay a visit to Grandpa Bernie.

A master of all things Zen and meditation, this wise old donkey has been calming nerves and offering profound insights (of the silent variety) ever since he came to Best Friends. Grandpa Bernie, or ‘Gampy’ as some call him, was found wandering tired and hungry around a Navajo reservation. At some point in his past he must have been a companion animal because of his gentle, people-friendly ways. More importantly, he’s simply too good at giving advice not to have had any practice!

Horse staff agree that when a personal crisis or stress enters their lives, a trip to Grandpa Bernie is the cure. He has this way about him. A knack for melting troubles and cares simply by looking you in the eyes with a softest smile. And isn’t that skill worth the cover charge of a few neck rubs? You bet it is. So take a ticket, stand in line, and prepare to have your holiday stresses melt away.

Written by David Dickson. Photos by Clay Myers.