Have a happy, humane Thanksgiving

Each year at this time, I begin thinking about what I am thankful for, as many of us do. That list for me is long. I am happy for the successes of Best Friends as our lifesaving impact continues to grow. I am thankful personally for my health, and for the chances I have had to devote so many years of my working life to something as important, as well as personally purposeful and gratifying, as saving the lives of animals. I cannot think of a bigger blessing.

I am also thankful for the ability to make humane choices. In our home, that means a turkey-free feast. I've written before about the millions of turkeys each year who make the ultimate sacrifice. If you’d like to read the post from 2011, you can do that by clicking here.

We founded Best Friends on the principle that all life matters. While our focus today as an organization remains on dogs and cats, at this time of the year, I’m reminded of how humane choices can have such a massive impact.

So as you head out this weekend to do your Thanksgiving food shopping, check out some of these recipes and consider a meat-free holiday meal. It may take some modifications to your idea of traditional fare, but not as many as you think, and there are some great alternatives. Check out these delicious alternative dishes. The turkeys will thank you.

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Are you planning a cruelty-free Thanksgiving? Please tell us your favorite recipes below in the comments!

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