Brindle and white pit-bull-type dog being petted by a person's had with a stuffed toy behind her
April 16, 2019

Collaboration encouraged after no-kill movement misclassified by CVMA after well-intentioned but under-resourced and poorly executed effort in Pueblo, Colorado.

Honoring Candy Udell with Gregory and Julie Castle and Francis Battista at the New York Benefit to Save Them All
April 15, 2019

Self-made entrepreneur, long-time activist and co-founder of Rescue Paw Foundation receives honor at New York Benefit to Save Them All.

Mike Bricker holding a puppy at Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinberg, Texas
April 12, 2019

Major live outcome progress is being made at Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinberg, Texas.

Brown tabby kitten being bottle fed
April 05, 2019

To prepare for kitten season, Los Angeles Animal Services offering free companion cat spay/neuter certificates to city residents.

Black cat with yellow eyes positive for FIV on a blanket
April 03, 2019

FIV-positive cats in Kansas shelters will now have the opportunity for a happy future.

Two women helping a dog at the Best Friends Animal Clinic in front of a bank of kennels
April 01, 2019

Best Friends medical team provides essential veterinary care for the animals at the Sanctuary and beyond.

Woman releasing a community cat from a live trap with a Best Friends van behind them
March 19, 2019

Like in other areas of the country where implemented, the community cat program at Coachella Valley Animal Campus has increased the shelter’s cat save rate and decreased its intake.

Ludo and brown and white pit bull dog with cropped ears
March 15, 2019

Ludo, a giant, big-headed dog with a gift for making people smile, quickly became staff and volunteer favorite and will be greatly missed.

Julie Castle sitting on the ground with a cat on her lap and other cats surrounding her
March 08, 2019

Since the establishment of animal welfare, Best Friends Animal Society and many other organizations have had women in leadership roles.

Medium hair brown tabby community cat with ear tip with a black community cat behind him
March 07, 2019

It’s taken time, but trap-neuter-return with return-to-field has come to be accepted as the way to humanely control of community cat populations.