PETA’s at it again

By Francis Battista

In a letter to the mayor of Albuquerque, PETA asserted that city employees are guilty of illegally abandoning animals. This is on the heels of Best Friends partnering with the city of Albuquerque in an exciting new community cat project that will save thousands of cats’ lives.

PETA is concerned that the city’s practice of neutering community cats and handing them over to rescue groups to be returned to the area where they were trapped poses an unacceptable risk to the cats’ well-being. This from an organization that, in February of this year, staunchly defended the fact that in 2011 they killed 95 percent of the animals who had the misfortune of entering their Virginia headquarters, and they did so with a degree of pride. Perhaps it was simply pride in their efficiency at killing homeless pets since it was reported that 84 percent were killed within the first 24 hours, presumably with little or no effort to find them adoptive homes or provide needed veterinary care.

So by PETA’s self-referenced logic, adult cats who have demonstrated the ability to thrive in the community are better off dead than being fixed and returned to the same location where they were thriving, even though they can no longer reproduce.

What are they thinking?

Is it this? “Hey, kitty kitty, it’s way too dangerous for you out here where you’ve been living for years, so we’re going to take charge of your tiny, tragic, risk-filled life, and, well, we’re going to put an end to all that stress that you thought was a life. All of your worries will be over. Yes, kitty, we’re going to kill you.”

If this isn’t the height of anthropomorphic arrogance, I don’t know what is!

How afraid of risk does one have to get to come to the conclusion that killing cats and kittens to protect them from life is a good idea?

PETA has long promoted the notion that when it comes to shelter animals and strays, killing is kindness. That’s the ethic behind their opposition to the no-kill movement, adoption of pit bull terriers from shelters, and community cat colonies of any type. It is why we cannot remain silent as PETA actively works to sabotage progressive lifesaving programs across the United States.

The next time you hear PETA proclaim that killing is kindness, I hope you hear their real message — life is too risky to be lived.


Julie Castle


Best Friends Animal Society