The Quicker Picker Upper picks up adoption fees

Black kitten lying by some Bounty paper towels
By Julie Castle

What do spills and adoption fees have in common? They’re both picked up by Bounty Paper Towels. Let me back up a bit: For the entire month of May, Bounty has pledged to “pick up” the adoption fees of every animal adopted from every Best Friends Lifesaving Center, every program city and the Sanctuary.

This is a super-exciting partnership on its own, but I’m extra excited about it because it really couldn’t have come at a better time. Data is showing that there are 100,000 more pets in America’s shelters right now compared to this time last year, and on top of that, May historically sees more pets entering shelters than most other months. When shelters face overcrowding because of intake trends like these, along with pets not getting adopted quickly enough, lives are put at risk. Major household brands like Bounty getting involved, though, provides a boost to tackle these issues and becomes a force multiplier for the animals. We can get the word out more and make sure anyone who wants to adopt, foster or donate is able to do so.

How great that corporate brands are increasingly recognizing that pets are an important part of families, and that brands are taking the initiative to support that. If we are to make every shelter and community in the U.S. no-kill by 2025, we must work together — corporate brands, shelters, rescue groups, the public, our legislators and everyone in between — all pitching in for pets in shelters. Seeing these different groups step up more and more gives me so much hope, even in challenging times like these, that we will reach our 2025 goal.

I also want to acknowledge and thank the wonderful Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt for her partnership in this promotion. Katherine is a strong advocate for animal rescue, using her own experiences and resources to teach children and adults alike about the value of adopting pets. She and her family fell in love with Maverick, a dog they were fostering, and ended up making him a permanent part of the family. Together, they’ve been sharing the joys of pet adoption ever since. I hope this May and with this partnership, more people get to experience that joy for themselves.

A big woo-hoo to Bounty for turning their Quicker Picker Upper tagline into lifesaving action and a shout-out to Katherine for her kindness and commitment. Here’s to record-breaking adoption numbers this month and to moving the no-kill needle forward.

Together, we will Save Them All.

Julie Castle


Best Friends Animal Society