Save the Hayden Law – Let’s make it official

As detailed in previous blog posts, the Hayden Law, California’s exemplary animal shelter reform and access legislation that was passed in 1998, has been in danger of being gutted by Governor Jerry Brown through the budget process. His efforts to strip the Hayden Law of its lifesaving muscle via the budget, however, were rejected unanimously by both the California State Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees thanks largely to the groundswell of opposition to the measure registered by you through these blog posts and action alerts.

However, it is too early to celebrate, and there is still one step to go to ensure that this landmark legislation is not repealed. While the measures to repeal Hayden are no longer in the budget being considered by the Legislature, Governor Brown needs to complete the process by removing Hayden repeal language from his May Revise that is due mid-May.

We ask you now to let the governor know how you feel by clicking the link below and sending an important message to Jerry Brown.

Repealing Hayden would be disastrous for California’s shelter animals and would set the state of California back nearly a century in the standards of care afforded to shelter animals.

Please act now.

Francis Battista