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Internship Scholarships at Best Friends Animal Society

Because of our generous supporters, Best Friends Animal Society can offer scholarships for internship programs. Once accepted into the program, interns are eligible to apply for the applicable scholarships.

Andy Kostuik Memorial Scholarship

The Andy Kostuik Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Andy's family. Andy's first visit to Best Friends ignited his passion to help animals and he returned as a four-month animal care intern in Dogtown. During that time, he had a remarkable impact on the lives of the many dogs he touched and decided to dedicate his life to helping animals. He said: "It was one of the most profoundly positive and rewarding experiences of my life and I would strongly encourage anyone to share in the experience that is Best Friends. It is a special place where people of like-mind come together with a common goal and make good stuff happen."

Sadly, Andy passed away not long after he began pursuing his career in animal care. His parents, understanding how deeply Andy had been enriched by his internship experience, created this fund to honor his memory. Its purpose is to provide financial support to enable others called to animal welfare work to have hands-on experience in animal care in a sanctuary setting and to provide the skills and knowledge to help them pursue their passion to help save animals.
Who may apply? Interns accepted into five-week animal care internships and species-specific animal care internships.

Who may apply? Interns accepted into five-week animal care internships and species-specific animal care internships.

Betty Echols Memorial Scholarship

Betty Echols loved dogs, cats and horses. Her family remembers her happy stories about them, from Bootsie to Gigi. Although her health prevented her from having a pet during the last years of her life, Betty continued to support homeless pets financially and spiritually through her local rescue organizations.

Betty's family visited Best Friends in her honor in spring 2018. Betty would have loved seeing the Sanctuary and spending time in Cat World. She would have especially loved talking to the interns, who are dedicating their lives to animal care. Betty's family established this scholarship in the hope that the recipients will continue Betty's love of animals, pay the kindness forward by working in animal care and keep her memory alive forever.

Who may apply? Interns accepted into the following programs: community cats, Kanab kitten nursery, Sanctuary adoption specialist, species-specific animal care (three- to four-month program).

Isabel of the Isabel Bei-Ja Blaney Sun Memorial ScholarshipIsabel Bei-Ja Blaney Sun Memorial Scholarship

Isabel Bei-Ja Blaney Sun loved animals of all kinds and was deeply concerned with their welfare. She visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for the first time in the summer of 2012, at age 13, and began volunteering there the same day. After that, she volunteered at Best Friends at every opportunity.

Isabel continually shared her love for animals - and what she learned at Best Friends - with her family, friends and community. Isabel's family established this scholarship to carry on her love and care for animals. The scholarship provides financial support to internship applicants who hope to bring what they learn at Best Friends back to their communities.

Who may apply? Interns accepted into the following programs: dog training, five-week animal care, Kanab kitten nursery, species-specific animal care.

Maureen A. Udell Memorial Scholarship

The Maureen A. Udell Memorial Scholarship was created to encourage humane education that is geared toward helping animals in need. Maureen was a tireless advocate for all animals, and consistently went the extra mile to ensure their safety and well-being, regardless of species. To that end, the scholarship seeks to foster the spirit of love and action at Best Friends.

Who may apply? Interns accepted into the five-week animal care program.


We'd like to give a sincere thank-you to the families of Andy Kostuik, Betty Echols, Isabel Bei-Ja Blaney Sun and Maureen Udell for their kindness, continued support and dedication to helping to Save Them All.

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