The Sanctuary is a special place where animals and people come together to heal and be restored. It's the heart and soul of Best Friends, and thanks to you it's a home-between-homes for thousands of animals each year.

Every animal who steps paw or hoof here in Angel Canyon is loved and cared for as an individual. Since the Sanctuary was built in 1984, Best Friends has continued to improve the ways we care for animals and share that knowledge with our shelter and rescue partners. 

Your support helps not just those at the Sanctuary, but also countless dogs and cats around the country.

Bella’s heroes 

Bella is a loved and happy dog today, but she was once in a terrible situation. She’d been tied up with steel cables and abandoned in a Michigan backyard. She was malnourished, had lost one of her legs after it became tangled in the cables, and was in dire need of help. But Bella had heroes who heard her cries and saved her. 

A Saginaw County animal control officer rescued her from the yard. Veterinarians and caregivers at the shelter treated her injuries and gave her the care she needed. 

Concerned about placing Bella where she could get support for emotional trauma, the shelter director reached out to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Arrangements were made for Bella to come to Dogtown, and more heroes came together to get her here. 

After being welcomed with open arms, Bella received love and care at the Sanctuary for two months. Then, she was adopted and off to a fresh start in a loving family.

"I’m beyond thankful to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. … I believe this next chapter in her life will help her move forward and … land her in a loving home with people who truly see how special she really is.”

Desi Sage, Saginaw County animal care and control officer

By the numbers: 2022 at the Sanctuary


Animals were welcomed across all areas: Dogtown, Cat World, Parrot Garden, the Bunny House, Horse Haven, Marshall's Piggy Paradise, and Wild Friends.

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Animals were fostered by the local community, which includes people living in the town of Kanab, as well as those who live on the nearby Kaibab Indian Reservation or in neighboring counties.

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Animals were adopted into loving homes. Getting animals into loving homes is a key part of our work to achieve no-kill nationwide by 2025.

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Animals were transported, including animals belonging to other organizations whom Best Friends helped transport.

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Spay and neuter surgeries were done. Spay/neuter saves lives by reducing the number of puppies and kittens entering already-overwhelmed shelters.

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