Kenny Lamberti, Director of Grassroots Advocacy

Kenny Lamberti

Director of Grassroots Advocacy

As the Director of Grassroots Advocacy for Best Friends Animal Society, Kenny Lamberti is tasked with creating strategies, tools and resources aimed at mobilizing and activating the public. With an eye toward building a broad and inclusive network of advocates and voices, we will strengthen our efforts to make the country no-kill by 2025. 

Kenny spent seven years working for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), most recently as Vice President of the Companion Animals Department. Kenny played a key role in morphing HSUS's End Dog Fighting campaign into what became the Pets for Life program. He previously worked as a Dog Trainer and Kennel Manager for Animal Farm Foundation and has worked in the area of dog behavior for almost 20 years.

Kenny came to the humane movement with a background in community organizing, and has led initiatives for Harvard University, the Boston public schools, and the YMCA. Kenny's unique professional and personal path to animal welfare makes him a coveted public speaker and inspiring force for the no-kill movement. Kenny's passion for and commitment to community engagement, inclusion and diversity have shaped his approach to his goal of building humane communities.