MO: Don't let puppy mills prevent progress for pets & people!

two puppies looking into camera

Urge your representatives to vote NO on SB 222, HB 995 and HB 630.

UPDATE (5/18/23): You did it! These bills failed to pass.

Over 460 cities, counties, and states have enacted humane pet sales legislation to protect pets and consumers from inhumane puppy and kitten breeding mills. Missouri legislators are currently considering legislation that would prevent progress against puppy mills in our state.

The puppy mill industry is pushing statewide legislation that would protect unethical breeders and prevent Missouri communities from passing humane pet sales ordinances. This would be a huge step backwards for our state. 

TAKE ACTION: Send a personalized message to your representatives urging them to vote NO on House Bill 995, House Bill 630, and Senate Bill 222 as amended today.

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