Johnston County, NC

Pledge: Declare your support for shelter pets in Johnston County, NC

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I, as a resident of Johnston County, NC, pledge to support my community including shelter pets, shelter workers, and community cats. 

Why sign the pledge? 

Shelter pets are a part of our community. People in Johnston County, NC, care about our pets, our neighbors, and our community. Together, our community of people, businesses, animal welfare organizations, and shelters can keep our pets safe.   

Together we can ensure:

- Access to animal care for our neighbors

- Adoption support for shelter pets

- Humane stray cat population management, including trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR), to focus on a healthy community (more info here)

- The animal shelter receives the support needed to implement lifesaving programs

Supporting our community means supporting our animal shelter and programs that focus on providing safe and positive outlets for cats and dogs.

We, the undersigned, hereby commit to ensuring that animal welfare is a priority for our community and that our neighbors and animal shelter receive appropriate support in this endeavor. We also commit to ensuring that animal welfare receives deserving and positive attention and action from all relevant bodies and systems including:

- Legislators and policymakers;

- Funding bodies and grant providers;

- Consumer and advocacy groups;

- Social care and human service groups;

- Our social networks.

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